Some of these pictures keep me…..

We’ve all had rough times and times when Mount Everest needs to be climbed so sometimes we need a little push and sometimes we need a little encouragement…but all problems can be attacked and destroyed with conviction, perseverance, flexibility and damn hard work!

There’s literally no substitute for hard work. Abraham Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait… but only the things left by those who hustle.”





…..and remember to stop and breathe deeply – it clears the mind and strengthens purpose….


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Office 2007 install with Wine – Grammar working too….

{Geek Warning! – this may not be easy for the newbie…}

You need to install Wine 1.3 or later.
You also need to grab Winetricks – In Terminal:
cd ~
chmod +x winetricks

If you want a GUI from a terminal type this:
cd ~

This is what you’ll see…


shot3and then..


install these…

art2kmin dotnet20 dotnetsp2 gdiplus gdiplus_winxp mfc42 msvcirt msxml3 riched20 riched30 vb2run vb3run vb4run vb5run vb6run vcrun6 vcrun6sp6
the script will stop and send you to a download page – just restart the App to complete the installation – this may happen a couple of times
then install fonts from the previous screen

Or simply using the Terminal type:
cd ~
./winetricks corefonts art2kmin dotnet20 dotnetsp2 gdiplus gdiplus_winxp mfc42 msvcirt msxml3 riched20 riched30 vb2run vb3run vb4run vb5run vb6run vcrun6 vcrun6sp6
the script will stop and send you to a download page – just start the script again once it’s downloaded

Now install Office 2007 – I copy the installation directory into my home directory as installing from the CD/DVD can chuck up error….. just follow this….

Service Pack 3 for Office 2007 can be grabbed from here…



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Business Sense???

Hindsight’s fantastic but I’ve been harping on about this for years – Ubuntu/Canonical should focus on the office Desktop like Red Hat has focused on the server – we know that Microsoft can hiccup (Win NT, Vista and the Nokia windows phone) Red Hat exploited Win NT; nobody exploited Vista (stupid) and Win-mobile is just too little too late in a already monopolised market.

Now Ubuntu/Canonical have a new window of opportunity to exploit a massive gap in office desktops- when WinXP finally takes it’s last mighty sigh and dies in 2014. Ubuntu has shown that it can make a very slick and easy to install system – just expand that to the office with slick cloud and virtualisation integration – they could make a killing as millions of computer users will either have to fork out capital to upgrade or use a computer with nasty security issues. XP is still the worlds biggest Operating System on desktops.

However, that’s not where Ubuntu/Canonical have got their sights set – they’re looking at the mobile market … wtf! Unless it’s ’tilt the earth off its axis’ revolutionary it’s just gonna be lost amongst many many contenders (and lets not forget the two biggies Android/Samsung and Apple aren’t going to make too many mistakes). It just doesn’t make business sense to get into phones and tablet as a latecomer….

Perhaps office desktops aren’t cool enough for Canonical boss Mark Shuttleworth. As Red Hat have shown (a billion dollar Linux OS company) you don’t have to be at the cool end of town to make heaps of $$$s.

Just wish I had the capital like Canonical to take advantage (and make a killing) of the death of WinXP …. anyone interested????


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Temporary Halt


A break is nice but I have other projects to attend to and setting up my office and an older gaming lappie takes a bit of time.

PUE has not been abandoned – I always seem to boomerang back to it.  What I have been doing is a basic PUE version with only the basic apps for really old ‘puters – kinda like what I was trying to achieve with PuppyTLC.

Also, I have found out that RebootOS works fine and that the main bug with wireless was just one line in the config file saying false to the nm-applet!  I can be such a dumb-arse!  Now I have been requested to do a later version of RebootOS using Ubuntu 10.04 instead of 8.04 – looking forward to that.

Guess I should release the first RebootOS as I’ve found it the easiest and most functional xfce based distro on the market.  And this isn’t hyperbole – I’ve used quite a few and on an old lappie it works flawlessly!





Menu Project finished!!


The menu system works without the band-aid job I had previously, although it may affect the KDE menu system (needs testing) – in hindsight, now that I’ve been able to incorporate usability addons to ROX filer, I think that incorporating all the KDE libraries and binaries was a mistake and makes the OS bloated.  That’s a stupid statement with an OS that’s over 6gbs.  Anyway, KDE does provide a bank of useful apps which haven’t been incorporated yet (such as a Firewire monitor) and will slowly be incorporated when fully tested. 

Seriously considering adding a DVD ripping App to complement the DVD Authoring App already there – currently testing by ripping one of my favs Shaun the Sheep!  There’s already CD ripping apps so it kinda makes sense.  It installs a full version of Perl 5.8.8 – not sure what other apps that may affect – and a load of transcode stuff which needs to go in the restricted codecs section …. sucker for punishment!

NumLock feature is annoying if your using a lappie keyboard as u start out writing gibberish… but very handy with a full-size keyboard – not sure what to do there.  Feel that’s it’s about time I start to consider remastering for an Alpha2 release.



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Updates + Bug fixing


BORING!!!! My god I now know why I haven’t done any work changing the menu system to standards – Why do some packagers not create a desktop entry?  Bah!  For those not too techie – a Desktop entry is a little programme (script) that tells the Menu system where it needs to go – without it there ain’t no entry in the menu.  Anyway, I’m making the entries look better (nicer icons) and changing the categories.  The Main menu looks nearly identical but the sub menus looked tiny (16pt) – however I’ve found a newer version of the menu maker (jwm-xdg) that makes the sub-menus look larger (24pts) nice!!  Still a long way to go with this part of the project….

What a numpty I am – one of my fav games (Pingus) wasn’t installed … fixed!

Added an updated version of ffmpeg for audio/video conversion.  I found that the versions of ffmpeg that will work on PUE have not been compiled to covert aac files (which are the best lossy audio files) – have installed faac to do that task.  It’s amusing to say faac … lol!

Tested out all the Bugs in the Desktop Manager – works nicely.  All the bits of junk (packages) that are left behind after installation will be deleted now … I hope – yet to be tested….

May look at updating Firefox and Thunderbird for a bit of fun!!! lol!

The next big BORING job is the Help and documentation system …… oh well one thing at a time.




Bash Scripting Development


Just streamlining some operations and fixed some annoying little installation inconveniences.  I have found a bug that means that converting audio files won’t work as ffmpeg has been …. well it doesn’t work!  Previous version was installed with some other package so this version is a direct ffmpeg install with dependencies met.

My scripting for changing Desktops was a bit of a botch job – it works but any half decent programmer would be in hysterics – so I’ve streamlined it a bit so it now knows which Desktop it was and which Desktop it’s moving to – that way I can script it to only change what’s necessary instead of universal changes.

Next task is to have a close look at the Menu system so my artificial menu enforcement can be replaced with a version that’s fully compatible with standards.

Oh and for the Programmer I’ve ensure that Python and wxWidgets are working properly – which they didn’t – for the time being it’s only compatible with Python 2.5 but there are a load of pre-made modules to work with.

BTW. I’ve wasted probably a little to much time with an App that converts audio files by dragging them onto an icon – works in a very simplistic way atm.  When completed will post the tarball on Sourceforge.