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The Perfect Operating System


The Perfect Operating System for Home and Business.

There is no such thing as the perfect Operating System per se.  Each has it’s advantages and each has it’s flaws.  They are restricted to a design paradigm and you see very little variation in their development.  You may say the Windows 8 changed that mold but Microsoft have been known to radically shift their design.  And what’s wrong with Apple?  It only uses Apple and Apple alone; in the home and business environments this is actually a restriction and in some cases it is not a cost effective solution.  Also Windows Users actually find it difficult to orientate themselves to the OSX way.
What’s the criteria for the Perfect Operating System?
It needs to have the familiarity and ubiquity of Windows with the stability and design of Apple’s OSX and the security, speed and customisation of the Linux Desktop.  This is the design model of the 3A System which I am currently developing.  For obvious licensing issues it is based upon Linux; but the design incorporates aesthetic beauty with an efficient and effective desktop in a way that’s both familiar and user friendly, that is, the learning curve is small.  It has been successfully tested on people who have never used a computer before.
And the System is very responsive due to having only 30% of the hardware requirements of Windows 7.
Updating is actually an enjoyable time with the 3A System.  It installs seamlessly and does not interrupt workflow, integrating without having to reboot.  And it’s nice to see an App or function improved upon.
Integration and Compatibility.
Most modern computer/laptop hardware is supported.  Touchscreen integration and support is planned for future development when the 3A System is updated from the base Operating System.
Peripheral integration, such as Printers and Webcams, have nearly ubiquitous driver support.  Cloud integration, as a User or Administrator is seamlessly enabled.  Google/Andoid sharing has been successfully tested; File sharing and syncing, Google Calendar syncing, Dropbox and Skype are operational.

Where does it fall over?

Apple support is nearly nonexistent due to Apple’s restrictive licensing.  While the majority of Windows Apps work without fault using the Wine Framework (incorporating Crossover) many of the latest apps and those that use the MS Framework and MS Databases will not work.  However, there are nearly limitless, compatible alternatives with the 3A System, with over 10,000 apps and over 25,000 libraries to choose from.

We live in a world with endless possibilities and it amazes me that we restrict ourselves to two primary Operating Systems.  Yes, the development drivers within these Systems are highly dynamic but it doesn’t mean that these are the ideal solutions as they are restricted to these Systems.  There are alternatives that will surprise many with their applicability and seamless integration.  The reason I use such a system is this: I have such expansive needs and uses with my computer, that I need an equally expansive, stable and flexible system to meet those requirements – and for the past 10 years it is this type of system that ticks all the boxes.  It has provided me with workstation that allows me to maximise my production and gives me the tools to complete tasks in a timely manner.  Isn’t this the same criteria all businesses should be applying when looking for a computer system?

The 3A System is the end result of development and personal use to create a system that can be as simple or as complex as the User requires.
It is developed from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 with additions and modifications from many PPA sources.  The next-gen 3A System will be developed from Linux Mint 17.


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