A Few More Updates

31 Jul


Well I’ve updated both Firefox and Thunderbird to their latest incarnations (v. 31) and more excitedly I updated Abiword (plus dependencies and addons) from 2.8.6 –> 2.9.6.  I stumbled across a forgotten ppa with this update.  A little disappointed that the on-screen version still says 2.8.6 but the package manager says 2.9.6.  Oh and I added a nice array of clipart for Abiword to make it a little more versatile.

Also with this version I felt that Windows compatibility was a preferable arrangement – apologies to all uber linux geeks out there.  So I installed Wine 1.3.0–2; Playonlinix 4.2.4-2 (yes that’s quite a new version) – again stumbled across another ppa with this update – and Winetricks.  With Gecko and .net mono support and added weight to this distro.  It’s probably going to be around 1.5 – 1.6gbs iso with not much to show app-wise – but it’s what occurs behind the scene that matters, all the little improvements that, unfortunately, adds to the size of the distro.  It still uses the same Ram (between 240 and 250mbs) and it will boot at the same time (25 seconds..ish) so the user won’t see any lag.  However, when Microsoft adds stuff to Windows it seems to make things more sluggish ….go figure?


I’ll Remaster soon and I’ll put the iso link up – usually I do this on FB – need to do it here as well :/



PS. If you need any explanations on what I’ve talked about PM me.

PPS.  If you would like any of the PPAs I’ve downloaded gain PM me.

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