25 Jul


This is a rant about complicated stuff that people just have to deal with (but they shouldn’t!) – when it come to technology.  Q. Why is it that everything has to get more complicated, have more features and functions, become more bloated with stuff that 99% of peeps do use and have little no similarities to previous versions? A. Cos manufacturers, programmers and marketers think that the only way to sell something is to make it “better” than the last model.  This is bullshit!  How can it be “better” if I can’t do what I previously did with more effort and now I’ve got to relearn how to use it.

Case in Point: On the old scanners there was a scan now button – press it and a scanned image would appear on your computer.  Now that feature has all but disappeared to be replaced with a complicated multi-function and multi-task application that takes many clicks and scratched heads to make it scan.  Is this progress?  Is this making it better?  What’s happened to the one App for one task approach?

I think “technology” should be defined as a better way of doing something.  And by better I mean improved quality, improved efficiency and improved user transparency.

What is user transparency?

User transparency is where a person uses a technology and they don’t need to understand how it works and they don’t need to learn how to use it.  It just works – a car’s fuel injector system is a user transparent technology – it’s there and it works.  And this should be the same with computer technology but from where I sit and with whom I have talked to, this ain’t happening.

Which brings me to another rant.  iPad/iPhone vs Android.  Now everyone who’s in love with their Apple product will switch off now….actually it’s probably better that stop reading now!…please….. How can anyone honestly, straight faced and earnest tell me that Apple’s iOS is better than Android.  Let’s look at hardware – spec-wise most ASUS Tablets are have better specs than iPad (and they’re cheapereven with the Nvidia Tegra) – and Samsung have specs as good as Apple (and they’re cheaper).  Build quality is much the same between all these examples.  So your probably paying for the brand and the marketing.

I have my own opinions on the display where I don’t want to see (and scroll through) all my installed Apps – so I can be picky about what appears on my Home page – it’s not very cluttered.  I’m sure there’s options in Apple but they’re not obvious…to me.

Apple Store vs Google Play – using Google Play all you need is a gmail account where you only need to put a minimum of info to get it running (a bit more info is required if your paying $$s for Apps) – you don’t even need your real name!  Apple Store required that I provide them with pages of information…why?  It took a long time to complete and I felt very uncomfortable giving them so much of my information….why?….and who has access to that information?  It really isn’t a simple process when comparing to Google’s version.

And let’s talk about the “Australia Tax” – 

And how much did Apple pay in taxes for aussie profit?

My pointless 5 cents as the marketers will always win in the world we currently live in…



PS. Active links not working – sry – just copy paste links.

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