3A System Development

23 Jul


I haven’t checked but I may not have given an update regarding the 3A System Operating System’s development.  In short, it’s based on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) – it’s been updated to kernel 2.6.32-64.  It’s got Clam AV but this has been disabled as it uses around 220mbs extra.  The OS uses around 250mbs when idle and I’ve kept the running processes down to ensure the system doesn’t get bogged down.  

Many smaller aspects have been updated – such as hplip (latest version), a number of gnome components are 2.30 (as opposed to 2.28);  latest versions of Thunderbird and Firefox; gufw firewall is from the Ubuntu Natty repos.  It has the Gnomenu in WIndows 7 mode as this is a nicely designed menu.  It also has wbar (it only uses less than 10mbs) which is much lighter than cairo-dock.

Other updates include: abiword, gnumeric, mtpaint, shotwell, brasero, transmission, clamtk.

The repositories (including many ppas) I access are downloaded to an external drive.  With these an additional 380 updates are available but I know that some of these updates break the system.  These will be carefully installed and tested before releasing – documentation will occur on this WordPress account.

Is it safe to use?

The short answer is yes!  It’s very safe!  Well, it’s Linux and so it’s naturally secure and immune to most attacks anyway. The primary system language is Python 2.6 and PHP4.  This is just not used as a host languages for malware simply because no current system uses these particular languages – it simply isn’t worth the effort to try to infect (at most) a couple of thousand computers – there’s much bigger and easier targets.

As for the X-server (the programme that runs the display), which is a potential security issue – as long as you have a properly setup firewall running with non-administration rights and your web browser and email client (and all applications that access the internet) are secure then this shouldn’t be an issues.

And anyway this kernel was one of the few that was immune to the heartbleed bug – so its pretty water-tight!

But I’ll post a screen-shot and imo looks fantastic!



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One response to “3A System Development

  1. toowoombalinux

    July 23, 2014 at 2:28 am

    Oh I have put the name of the business “3A Computers” on the bootsplash, gdm background and main screen background. Considering this is made with resources from this business I feel it kinda needs to be recognised – however if you feel really strongly I’ll do a non-affiliated version.


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