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Business based philanthropy


I originally started Toowoomba Linux Community (TLC) so a group of local volunteers could get together and refurbish computers to give to families in crisis and in need.  Time, other commitments, lack of resources and lack of participation meant it didn’t really get a kick off.  But I’m making TLC part and parcel of 3A Computers’ business model.  With each sale a portion goes towards purchasing old computers; also it’ll be a collection point for those who wish to donate their old computer.

I hope to promote this business model as a workable example of holistic social business practices.  With decreasing abilities of government to sustain the population’s quality of life, it becomes the role of commerce/business to fill in the gaps.  The worst thing to happen to business is to see an increase in poverty – and this is what’s happening.  Government budgetary policies promote an underclass that has few resources to become a contributing citizen other than the under-recognised role of a volunteer.  Money is an indicator of power and influence in a western society – and the underclass tend not to have either one of these.  Education has always been the leveling process but even education has seen a quantum shift in equality with the growth in private schooling and the decline in public schooling – we simply need to look at the American model to see vast shifting in wealth and power and the social and economic issues they face…. are we becoming another USA?

A the time of writing I’m unsure of the percentage of business resources will be forwarded to TLC – it may be that once a certain threshold is exceeded that contributions will increase.

With additional resources and a renewed spirit for commitment I hope to find like-minded people to help with this worthy service.



Caveat: As this is not a registered charity I know that this will not be a deduction; but I’m hoping with advise from my accountant that we’ll be able to get some tax break.

PostScript1:  The challenge is to ensure that my social capitalism viewpoint stays intact when I become wealthy….lol!!

PostScript2: I’m not having a go at the USA – it’s just some key point power leverages have significantly shifted in favour of the wealthy and it continues to accelerate.  I think the US is a dynamic society that’s exciting and passionate but seriously flawed….but that’s a whole new diatribe…..


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Some of these pictures keep me…..

We’ve all had rough times and times when Mount Everest needs to be climbed so sometimes we need a little push and sometimes we need a little encouragement…but all problems can be attacked and destroyed with conviction, perseverance, flexibility and damn hard work!

There’s literally no substitute for hard work. Abraham Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait… but only the things left by those who hustle.”





…..and remember to stop and breathe deeply – it clears the mind and strengthens purpose….


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