Temporary Halt

11 Jan


A break is nice but I have other projects to attend to and setting up my office and an older gaming lappie takes a bit of time.

PUE has not been abandoned – I always seem to boomerang back to it.  What I have been doing is a basic PUE version with only the basic apps for really old ‘puters – kinda like what I was trying to achieve with PuppyTLC.

Also, I have found out that RebootOS works fine and that the main bug with wireless was just one line in the config file saying false to the nm-applet!  I can be such a dumb-arse!  Now I have been requested to do a later version of RebootOS using Ubuntu 10.04 instead of 8.04 – looking forward to that.

Guess I should release the first RebootOS as I’ve found it the easiest and most functional xfce based distro on the market.  And this isn’t hyperbole – I’ve used quite a few and on an old lappie it works flawlessly!





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