Menu Project finished!!

12 Dec


The menu system works without the band-aid job I had previously, although it may affect the KDE menu system (needs testing) – in hindsight, now that I’ve been able to incorporate usability addons to ROX filer, I think that incorporating all the KDE libraries and binaries was a mistake and makes the OS bloated.  That’s a stupid statement with an OS that’s over 6gbs.  Anyway, KDE does provide a bank of useful apps which haven’t been incorporated yet (such as a Firewire monitor) and will slowly be incorporated when fully tested. 

Seriously considering adding a DVD ripping App to complement the DVD Authoring App already there – currently testing by ripping one of my favs Shaun the Sheep!  There’s already CD ripping apps so it kinda makes sense.  It installs a full version of Perl 5.8.8 – not sure what other apps that may affect – and a load of transcode stuff which needs to go in the restricted codecs section …. sucker for punishment!

NumLock feature is annoying if your using a lappie keyboard as u start out writing gibberish… but very handy with a full-size keyboard – not sure what to do there.  Feel that’s it’s about time I start to consider remastering for an Alpha2 release.



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