Updates + Bug fixing

06 Dec


BORING!!!! My god I now know why I haven’t done any work changing the menu system to standards – Why do some packagers not create a desktop entry?  Bah!  For those not too techie – a Desktop entry is a little programme (script) that tells the Menu system where it needs to go – without it there ain’t no entry in the menu.  Anyway, I’m making the entries look better (nicer icons) and changing the categories.  The Main menu looks nearly identical but the sub menus looked tiny (16pt) – however I’ve found a newer version of the menu maker (jwm-xdg) that makes the sub-menus look larger (24pts) nice!!  Still a long way to go with this part of the project….

What a numpty I am – one of my fav games (Pingus) wasn’t installed … fixed!

Added an updated version of ffmpeg for audio/video conversion.  I found that the versions of ffmpeg that will work on PUE have not been compiled to covert aac files (which are the best lossy audio files) – have installed faac to do that task.  It’s amusing to say faac … lol!

Tested out all the Bugs in the Desktop Manager – works nicely.  All the bits of junk (packages) that are left behind after installation will be deleted now … I hope – yet to be tested….

May look at updating Firefox and Thunderbird for a bit of fun!!! lol!

The next big BORING job is the Help and documentation system …… oh well one thing at a time.




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