Bash Scripting Development

03 Dec


Just streamlining some operations and fixed some annoying little installation inconveniences.  I have found a bug that means that converting audio files won’t work as ffmpeg has been …. well it doesn’t work!  Previous version was installed with some other package so this version is a direct ffmpeg install with dependencies met.

My scripting for changing Desktops was a bit of a botch job – it works but any half decent programmer would be in hysterics – so I’ve streamlined it a bit so it now knows which Desktop it was and which Desktop it’s moving to – that way I can script it to only change what’s necessary instead of universal changes.

Next task is to have a close look at the Menu system so my artificial menu enforcement can be replaced with a version that’s fully compatible with standards.

Oh and for the Programmer I’ve ensure that Python and wxWidgets are working properly – which they didn’t – for the time being it’s only compatible with Python 2.5 but there are a load of pre-made modules to work with.

BTW. I’ve wasted probably a little to much time with an App that converts audio files by dragging them onto an icon – works in a very simplistic way atm.  When completed will post the tarball on Sourceforge.




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