A touch of speculation….a JWM Ubuntu?

28 Nov


I have always been a fan of Puppy as it makes the JWM Desktop work so well and intuitive if the set-up has been done well (lots of manual fiddling).  Puppy also uses minimal resources allowing your computer to really fly.  However, I admire Ubuntu for being able to perform so many functions and tasks effortlessly and automatically that there’s a degree of User Transparency.

Maybe, one day I will get my finger out and actually attempt to create a JWM version of Ubuntu with the same JWM configuration with the Rox filer that Puppy has.  Some would say that it would be an easy task except that Puppy is User ‘Root’ and Ubuntu is a User name without full ‘root’ access.  BTW. All root means is that the User has full administrative access to the system.  So therefore, all the lovely scripts and menus have been Puppified for User root and it’ll be no small task to transfer to Ubuntu and get it operational.


  1. By far the lightest and most functional (and prettiest) Desktop/Windows Manager combo
  2. Allows full access to all Ubuntu repos including PPAs which Lupu (Puppy’s Ubuntu compatible version) cannot
  3. It’s a more standard desktop than Openbox so ppl would not need to re-learn a new environment
  4. It’s never really been done before and so it most likely will have a niche market – there’s too many Ubuntu clones out there
  5. Easy implementation of a graphical User login – u can have a User in Puppy other than root, but it’s a bit of a faff…
  6. Has Ubuntu’s easy-peasy installer
  7. Ubuntu’s Security updates, which Puppy doesn’t have
  8. A wide choice of kernels from ARM to AMD64 and kernel modules
  9. Larger User- and Developer-base

There’s probably heaps more of advantages.  The only disadvantage is moi!  As you may have noticed I’m a little flighty when it comes to long-term projects (real life and/or work interfere and/or committing to too much!).  Also, this project requires a certain level of programming expertise, which I only partially have (I’m not bad at bash scripting but the more advanced languages ????!!!!!!).  If your reading this and you think it’s not a bad idea and you think you can provide some expertise then please get in touch –

As this computer is on it’s last legs I’m awaiting a couple of Vid Cards to put into my gaming lappies – both of which died through over-heating – a common problems for that lappie.



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