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24 Nov


I had dual boot as my main options on my primary computer – PUE on one and Ubuntu on the other – after spending way too much time setting Ubuntu up so it can be productive for me it promptly nearly fried my filesystem – had to do much desperate System Rescue stuff – so now I’ve exclusively got PUE, which seems to be kinder to the system (maybe my 6yo lappie is way past retirement).  Anyway, using PUE as my primary has allowed me to do quite a thorough test.

  1. OxygenOffice needs an older version of Java to enable advanced functions
  2. Installation does not remove any used files and leaves them there as junk
  3. Streamtuner 2 works nicely – actually listening to a nice dubstep as I work
  4. ALSA has not been set up for JACK – addressed at a later stage
  5. Privoxy works well and installed + tested TOR with it – seems like I’m from Germany!!  It works nicely….
  6. Permission for User ‘Spot’ has been removed from /tmp folder as this interferes with some app as I think I noted in the previous post – will be added in Desktop Scripts
  7. Skype works and MSN may work but don’t have an account …. yet!
  8. Gaim works nicely – for a nice IRC chat (no other format was tested)
  9. Jstock doesn’t load AU stock exchange data (maybe down for w’end) – but US, etc appears fine (will check during week and/or up-date to newer version)
  10. Need to add startup script for BOINC in order for it to work in the background

Working on a few other projects so not a huge happening with PUE in the past month – apologies for all.  Functionality-wise JWM appears to meet all my significant needs – having KDE seems to be almost pointless apart from some great apps.



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