Testing and Bugfixes

01 Nov


That was a nasty little bug I got – still got the cough <shrug!> Well after regressing to kde 3.5.8 I’ve had to restore the KDE Desktop to the original and, perhaps, enhanced it.  Again, I’ve updated the kde applications but it still uses most of the binaries of 3.5.8.  Also, I’ve decided that now is a good time to do some testing to ensure that the regression doesn’t cause a conflict with existing applications.

Problems with Wine due to permission changes to /tmp – fixed!

Problems with Picasa – removal of /root/.picasa appears to have solved that oddity.

Tuxtype – missing fonts – ttf-sil-andika added – fixed!

Gmplayer – works fine but launched from the menu freezes desktop.  Even writing a launcher script doesn’t change that … wierd – maybe the only way to include this version of Gmplayer is to launch it from wbar, which launches just fine.

Nearly completed testing, bugfixing and tweeking so I should have something out soonish – got a couple of ‘puters which need PUE on them to restore functionality..




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