Plenty of updates…..

19 Oct

Updating has continued apace – I need to remember that PUE started out as a gtk1 distro and has been updated to the nicer gui of gtk2. Therefore, apps which didn’t work previously now work near flawlessly.
Inkscape has been updated from 0.43 to 0.47 and its scope and functions are breathtaking!! Guys forget Coreldraw – this is stunning!
Geany has been updated from 0.14 to 0.15 – which has a couple of extra functions but was necessary for programmers heaven …. TEAgtk – again the range of functions is awe inspiring (adjectives are flowing nicely here!)
Audacity updated from 1.3.2beta to 1.3.6 and there’s a significant upgrade of effects and functions. Makes a muso such as myself smile! (OK running out of wow adjectives). However, there’s a downside with this upgrade happiness – Xara and Audacity both use wxGTK 2.8 but Xara 2.8.7 and Audacity 2.8.9 and the twain cannot meet! I think I’d rather have Audacity updated and install SynfigStudio as a Xara replacement (and the Inkscape upgrade more than compensates). Also, testing of Xara by a Graphic Artist showed that it was a little unstable much to her chagrin and my disappointment.
Gnumeric has been updated from 1.6.3 to 1.8.2 with a few more functions – I think that’s more of a bugfix than a true update/upgrade.
mtPaint upgrade from 3.10 to 3.21 (a few extras in the newer version)
Intending to test an upgrade of OxygenOffice from 2.3.1 to 2.4.1 – but the sfs file was made with a different version of Puppy – need to find that version, boot up and open the squashfs then copy the innards.
Also intending to upgrade KDE from 3.5.8 (with some 3.5.9. binaries) to 3.5.10 – but initial testing shows that the GUI has come out a little fuggly – that’ll need work.
You may think that the versions I’ve updated to are still fairly old but they represent a significant leap in functionality and stability; and they work on this creaky old kernel!



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