Odes and updates….

11 Oct


Updaed Firefox to 15.0, Thunderbird to 16.0 and Seamonkey to 2.13.  Changed Control Panel to be a little more user friendly, using vbox instead of hbox – Control Panel’s Help button has been temporarily removed as it sucked and only pointed to the old puppy help section using Opera, which isn’t on-board!

Will release a CD version soon as I need to put it on a number of different lappies, and people are waiting for this to happen.  The new DVD version will be delayed as I continue to make the Help section more usable and applicable.

At times I feel that this is a pointless exercise for the public but from a personal perspective – I do enjoy this project and having outcomes for myself.  My knowledge of bash scripting has been massively increased and my understanding of the bones of an OS has also increased – to what end?  Does it really matter?  It’s never going to be good enough or interesting enough to lodge on Distrowatch – which is replete with excessive and too many pointless ‘buntu respins!  Puppy respins that are there such as Legacy and MacPup are unique and worthy of being there… This silly little project is what I do in my spare time – an exercise in creating something for myself to create something beautiful that hasn’t come from anyone but me.

In time PUE will sadly disappear from these annal as technology makes it obsolete, but until that time comes I will most likely spend those precious hours striving to make it better.  And to give back to those who can make use of it, to those that do believe it is worthwhile – and while there’s still one person who finds it useful this project will stay alive….




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