Ambitious but buggy…

04 Oct

Bugfix – Desktop chooser has an error – I forgot to add a space! I put the fix on the Puppy Forums here:

3D Framerate Test does not work – will be another bugfix soon – or else just go to /usr/local/3DCC/resource/3ddemo

For some reason Picasa does not show up in some menus – but it should be in wbar

And I stuffed the remastering of the CD version yesterday – so CD version will have bugfixes. – the version which I did produce installed fine but I’ve left out a few essentials…  Apologies for the delay….

And no entries for ATI and Nvidia Control Centres in my bandaid menu system when I did a test Nvidia driver install – btw got a framerate of +50fps an an ancient dell laptop (11+yr) whereas Xubuntu maxed at 22fps!!.

NOTE: I don’t have a modern enough ‘puter to test the DVD install so I hope it works also worthy of mention is that I’m a hack and not a leet pupian and so is this funny little puplets as well…

PS. Currently on-shift and the great race the Bathurst 1000 is on this Sunday – so dev work will slow to a crawl these next 7 days


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