DVD version released….

01 Oct


Believe it or not I have finally uploaded the DVD version of Puppy Ultimate Edition to my Mediafire Account.  It is 2.4 gigs (nearly 2.5) so it’s sizable.  It’s an alpha RC so there’s gonna be bugs but in testing I haven’t found any except some limitations with multiuser and an incomplete (but getting better) Help folio (ooo! i like that description).  And what’s great about this is no need to worry about installing a data-file.

MD5SUM is 0dafccd9ab1f458386bddc087c5ff45f

Here’s the link:

I’m assuming that downloaders know how to burn an iso onto a dvd.

When booting it’s preferable to use the puppy pfix=noram boot option.  But if you have a pup_save module on your HD it’ll boot that instead of the DVD.  Otherwise pfix=ram requires at least 2.6 gigs of ram to work and a boring load time!  When installing it works much better as a full install instead of a frugal.

I will be releasing a CD version with a data file (soon) for those whose DVD readers are non-existent or don’t read DVDs very well (like me).




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