12 Sep


Getting Internet fixed next week… Yay!  So the next version, a tweeked/bugfixed version will be available ….soon….. I hope….

Not sure if I’ve already posted that Picasa is not in the Menu…. which it isn’t…

Also, going through the Installed Apps I notices that a very easy to use vnc-server (has a easy to set-up script) and vnc-viewer are available and that Tor/Privoxy with an easy Interface is also there …. well I’m adding those to the Menu.  I know that Tor and Privoxy works – may need a little script to open a port in the Firewall for Tor and a script that automatically sets up the Proxy port for Privoxy in the Web Browser.

Still considering adding Hiawatha (which works) to PUE but not until I know that mysql will run as well.  Lurking in my Repositories I’ve found versions of MYSQL that I know works but on kernel is unknown (might be compiled specifically for another kernel).

Guess I do want to make this a truly ultimate version as I’m getting some nice comments about PUE, and want to make something worthwhile and useful for people to use…

Oh and slowly adding to Help!



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Posted by on September 12, 2012 in SimplyPuppy Ultimate Edition


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