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04 Sep


Having diabolical probs with Internet – awaiting technician to fix the wiring……

Slowly updating the rather interesting Help file – basically a reference for new Linux Users to provide an overview for what the App does; and a few hints and tips.

Working on a small utility app so the User can make their own wbars – looks promising….

Pointing a number of programmes towards /home directory and not /root

Considering adding an experimental non-administrative Desktop – that means any App that can modify or download or create a file (docs, graphics, music, file manager, etc…) will be started as User “Spot” – only Pupians will understand this.  This will add an extra layer of security for the User and System.  As I was considering this at an earlier stage most of the scaffolding has already been done – so I just need to point the launchers/menus to those scripts to start those Apps.

Updated Java so had to change the Java license to Oracle and removed the Sun MicroSystems version.  Am considering updating Flash to the latest version but needs to test this on a “live” version.

Indeed I would like to provide an updated version of PUE but this will need to wait until my Internet connection issues have been fixed.



PS.  If I disappear off the radar means that I’m Internetless….


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