When enough is not enough…

21 Aug


In an effort to provide more tools to the advanced users I have added a couple of extra useful apps.  Only partially tested to date and is compatible with the system and doesn’t appear to break anything……..

Truecrypt – which is a handy volume and file encryption app

VirtualBox – an easy-to-use VM – this version is a little antiquated and has only up to Win7 support and a Sun MicroSystems Agreement.

I have looked at installing LAMP but my attempts at testing were a miserable failure – mostly because I have no idea with mysql (Hiawatha seemed to work well though!)

Pidgin was also a failure – seg fault – not sure why…. will look into it further cause I could use a good IRC chat client (attym is not a very intuitive gui – only for geekdom)

The Bristol Help thing has been annoying me so I’m currently working on that.

Updates will be included in DVD (when that’s finally released – modem still ain’t here) and links will soon be provided for the CD version

When this eventually becomes a RC then I may name this version Pepe (remember the Pepe le Pew cartoon?)




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