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Some Screenshots



The Simple Desktop to be used on quite older computers

The Kids Desktop for the young and young at heart with all violent games removed

My idea of the Ultimate JWM Desktop … it’s what I use

Austere JWM Desktop

The Chokka Blok JWM Desktop – kinda overwhelming but some like it that way?




Puppy Ultimate Edition alpha release


CD link

Data File link

Having probs with our Internet connection – a bit slow and disconnects so the DVD version ain’t up yet.  One bug already discovered is that some apps don’t necessarily point towards /home/puppy.



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Puppy Ultimate Edition


I understand perfectly if any viewer has become disenchanted with this blog – cos even I was. Life, renovations, disappointments, and changes in my shift work means that I have less time for this. However….

I have ironed out some blatant bugs and installation glitches and will be releasing the beta version in the coming week – I have already uploaded the data-file and am currently doing a test download to check the MD5. Puppy Ultimate will be released as a CD (with extra data-file) and DVD (no data file).

I have tested the CD version cos my old laptops seems to seriously dislike DVDs (but CDs work fine). This does not have SMP support; it works on multi-core processors but only activates a single core. Am starting development on an SMP version based on the wonderful Newyearspup by the Puppy Linux developer MU.

Next Post will be the have the Release Links….



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