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Testing on a number of different ‘puters have resulted in … disappointment – it seems the version of xfce/Xubuntu has a bug that sets a resolution that’s usually way to low (but not on all machines).  This has been documented on a number of forums and was “fixed” in version 9.04 – great!  Reconsidering options now and this is the reason for not releasing a testing version – for fun I’ve gone back to Puppy Ultimate Edition which I’ll be using as my alternate OS – it now has Firefox 4 Thunderbird 3.1 and Opera 11.11 (not the latest but usable versions).

I’ll search further for solutions to the resolution bug – maybe regress to an earlier version of xfce or progress to a later version if possible. 8.04 has the advantage of working on many legacy units.   Or maybe just move forward with a 10.04 version.  Or create a JWM version based on the work I’ve done on Puppy Ultimate …..



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Posted by on January 22, 2012 in TLC CE Linux