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Just completed remastering of the Install only version with the Slim Login; will now make a different version with GDM login for the LiveCD.  These will be uploaded as soon as I get back to full speed Internet – the area I live in has aging copper lines that “leak” when it’s wet – so the bandwidth is stymied.

Ok – Web Browsers…… Epiphany-Gecko only uses 9mbs when idle and 19mbs when loading an active web page (that’s good!)  it’s certainly slow in rendering but the page layout it correct (for even Facebook) and Flash works just fine.

I have included Opera (stable version) – what I had was Opera-Next (unstable) which has additional weight of debuggers creating log files so it was quite heavy.  Opera 11.52 uses around 25mbs when idle and (I think) around 40mbs when on an active web site.  Anyway, I know that Opera will be updated and usable on 8.04 for at least the next couple of years.

I have added start-up sound but haven’t done any sound for shut-down…. yet!  System sounds are not possible on Xfce 4.4, version 4.5 yes but it wasn’t default.  I’m using Xfce 4.4 as Xfce 4.5 has not been pre-compiled for Hardy.  Looking at all the dependency upgrades to go from 4.4 to 4.5 … well I’m not a Gentoo Masochist.

Both versions should be uploaded to Mediafire by next weekend.  If testers find it stable then I can work on the package installer, then that will be the RC, and work with reconditioning will commence.




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