25 Nov


Remastered both slim and gdm versions with the repositories (/etc/apt/sources.list) pointing to my local drive…. clever!  I do most of my dev work offline so I have all the Ubuntu repositories on a local HD – It’s very convenient.  Just updated the primary repos with a stack load of security updates which TLC CE Linux will be have before the next remaster.  Then I’ll release this Alpha version … sorry I meant to have it available this w’end….

Finally needed a new(ish) computer for down at my offices.  So I found a nice Dell XPS m1730 GTX lappie for $800  on ebay.  Got dual sli 8800 Nvidia cards and raid mounted dual hard drives with a large 17″ screen.  It weighs around 12kg with the power brick – that’s all right .. I’m large (+100kgs) and a regular gym junkie.  It can suck up to 200 watts of power and is nicknamed “The Beast”….  It’s gonna be a challenge to get the most of the sli vid cards and setting up the raid array .. looking forward to that – maybe I’ll have a KDE desktop with ALL the bells and whistles! lol

I think the next post I’ll document a walk-through to make your own local repository if you have a spare 120gbs – it’s very handy… stay tuned..



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Posted by on November 25, 2011 in TLC CE Linux


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