Progress to Providence…

19 Nov


The move to Audacious was quite … err …. audacious but providential!  Preamp and EQ work flawlessly and it easily reads CDs.  Now I just need to migrate the skins over and see if the VU meter can be activated.  I haven’t been able to import my winamp EQ settings yet … that will be investigated.

Found a bug in a place where I wasn’t expecting a bug.   I assumed (bad thing that) that loading the Restricted Extras package would also mean that I would be able to play all standard DVDs.  When I tested Xine on my Doctor Who DVD the menu errorred out.  What was missing was the dvdcss2 package – works now!

To add a little more bling, and something that does add to the Desktop experience, I need to investigate putting sounds for Desktop functions as well as login/logout … shouldn’t be too difficult.

I was thinking about migrating to Debian as Ubuntu are moving to a monthly release cycle.  This was scuppered quickly.  The Debian interface the VERY basic Xfce Desktop with very few configuration tools.  Way too much time would be spend on configuring it to look good rather than making it stable and functional.  Ubuntu, is still bringing out their LTS versions, so all TLC Linux will be based on Ubuntu LTS – there’s one due out next April; also the Xubuntu team make such awesome configuration tools.

Still need to look into the Slim login manager autologin settings (this version hasn’t got it in the config file – may need to put it manually) and how to remaster with Slim.  I keep putting this off as I think this will cause pain.



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