Claws Mail correction

08 Nov


I’m using Claws Mail 3.7.7 and it can only work with 3.7.7 addons (I have a large number of 3.7.6 addons) …. I need to test what gives better usability 3.7.7 or 3.7.6 – main difference appears to be a couple of minor bugfixes.  It then becomes a simple downgrade – 3.7.7 come from a PPA.

Also, I am changing the default XMMS skin to something very cool that I was using in Puppy; also adding VU meters for that extra bit of cool.

Starting to do brief tests with some simple installer scripts in an xdialog box for set package upgrades – eg: AV install or Office install, etc….



NB. I haven’t made a stable LiveCD version just a version that works with an installer – also planning to create a text-based  installer for 128mb Systems.



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