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I know that some puppians think Ubuntu is the anti-christ but for a number of tasks you can get things done more efficiently in Ubuntu than in Puppy.  Try creating your own DAW in Puppy without using a PuppyDAW respin….  I still use Puppy 3.01 for many tasks….

Anyway, with IPv6 coming out shortly I doubt that Puppy 3.01 is feasible anyway (even if I did have the smarts to finish PuppyTLC); as later versions of Firefox and any version of Chromium just don’t work!

I’ve looked at Puppy Lucid – it looks awesome – however it’s not fully compatible with the Lucid repos cos it only has a portion of Ubuntu’s binaries – using a deb is “for experimenters” .  And now the latest Lucid is optimised for i686 computers – leaving the dust-buckets behind.   I am well aware of the work done by Barry – but even according to him it’s still a work-in-progress.

I experimented with a minimal install CD of Ubuntu 8.04 and got a very basic version of JWM – it used around 40mbs – so very light and fast.  My hope, now pretty much dashed, was to get a small team of people who know what their doing to create a super-light and fast JWM Ubuntu with the looks and tweaks of Puppy.  However, the response hasn’t been encouraging … actually pretty much non-existent.   Disappointing to say the least.

To do it myself … well let’s just say my experience with PuppyTLC has shown that I don’t possess the knowledge to complete a project like this, to a worthwhile standard for releasing as a stand alone distro.  I will continue to play around with a Ubuntu JWM and hopefully one day will make it look and run like Puppy … right!




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Releasing the Project..


I’ve had a few queries about PuppyTLC on Facebook – so I’m releasing the latest iso and sfs files for installation plus the frugal install development file .2fs – if you wish to pick these up and run with …. awesome!

Go to Toowoomba Linux Facebook page to download these files



PS.  Just installed Windows XP on a friends computer and it took 2.5 hrs and it had 512mbs!  So PuppyTLC isn’t as bad as I first thought…..

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