Fixes before remastering

14 Feb


The remasters I previously did worked but there were a few annoying flaws…

  1. KDE did not work!
  2. Some of the install scripts did not work (properly)

Also, assisting a friend, who was flooded, get a computer working also cut into my time.

Well the bugs above have been fixed and (hopefully!!!!) should have everything ready to go by the w’end.  I reckon that a few delays are better than releasing something that causes headaches.  And KDE not working was a biggie!  There are startup up scripts in /etc that are not automatically put in a remaster.  So I’ve included them in the extra data file.

Despite clearing up the few issues, I still could not get hal to work for opening usb media on the remaster; even though it works in the developmental  environment.  I have got a workaround that needs to be tested….

Well that’s the current status on this project.



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Posted by on February 14, 2011 in TLC CE Linux


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