Optimised and buggered!

01 Feb


Optimised Backgrounds and Menu.  Completed Menu Screenshots and “the word of the day” optimised the KDE part of this OS.  I’m not sure but I must have done over 250 screenshot.  At this point in time I’m simply just interested in getting the testing started and start bug fixing.  While this is being done, hopefully by some volunteers, I will continue creating the ‘Getting Started’ Help stuff.

So this week I will do a remaster (DVD size) and upload it to my Mediafire account.  The local version will be CD size (with an extra sfs file) due to it being older hardware and less likely to have a DVD reader.  I hope this will make it easier for people to install and test.

What is nice is that the KDE automounter works nicely after a brief “permission denied” bug was fixed.

The KDE side looks very cool “a guys very cool” and may not be as appealing to female student users.  But will keep it like this unless told outright that is sux….



PS.  I’m actually champing at the bit to restart Ultimate; but will wait until PuppyTLC is finished, as it will be the “perfect base” to work with.

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Posted by on February 1, 2011 in TLC CE Linux


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