Twists and Turns..

28 Jan


to get some koffice programmes working properly, eg: kpresenter; it needs to run in the KDE.  This may seem a difficult problem to overcome; however I found in my repositories a mini KDE357 sfs (not sure who packaged it); but it seems to run with only a minimum usage of RAM.  Need to test further on the old decrepid machine to ensure its working properly.

To ensure its integration into this system, I’ve included a large K icon on the Pinboard.  And when they log out of KDE it will ensure the restart is in JWM.  I’ve remove kmenu so fiddlers can’t access things.  However, the Run Command will still work.  To access the K programmes – launchers will be included on additional panels and Desktop.

Initial tests shows that  k3b, kdeedu and koffice from 3.5.10 work just fine and are not affected by the addition.

Added and removed backgrounds to make it unique (a move away from the newyearpup backgrounds).  A small saving of room was achieved.  Plus a consolidation of unused icons will be a priority as well.



PS. On shift so brevity is the essence of wit here….

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Posted by on January 28, 2011 in TLC CE Linux


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