22 Jan


Well Streamtuner2 does work, but its not yet included.  I want the GUI to work and that requires an internet connection.  So I need to remaster then install PuppTLC onto another computer and connect it to the internet.  Then get the pup_save for further development.  – My developmental computer’s ethernet connection is snaffoo’d – think I’ve said this before….

Printing works brilliantly, especially on HP printers – scanner on these printers seem to work just fine as well.  Need to fully test and screenshot Xsane with a specialised scanner.

Webcam is giving me a few headaches but I have got it up and running but not consistently.  Intending to script an engage webcam modules so at least xawtv and amsn works. Muppywebcam is being removed from the Menu – this is where the modules will be loaded from.

Need to finish screenshot of internet dependent applications (nearly done!).  Then finish off Office screenshots and the screenshots will be donesky,

Adding further usability to scribus by adding templates and Ghostscript-eps.

The results of Claws-mail vs the rest is done and dusted – the winner being claws-mail by a mile.  Adding Claws-Mail plugins for added usability – Slackware 12.1.

Worked on the Control Panel – debugging, adding useful features and removing obsolete ones.  Some things that were in the menu have now gone to Control Panel.

All these screenshot have helped me debug a number of programmes – or I’ve found out that they’re only partially usable, and therefore need to be replaced by something that works.

PuppyTLC has turned into a bit of a saga – its slowly coalescing into a very complete Operating System.  I know people will flame me for it size – 2.5 GBS, but I really don’t care – I have put in the all the necessary programmes to make it a useful and complete OS for a families in crisis.



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Posted by on January 22, 2011 in TLC CE Linux


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  1. toowoombalinux

    January 22, 2011 at 9:23 am

    PS. Will also update Seamonkey and have added some useful add-ons and plugins – such as flashblock and adblock; also a number of themes have been included.


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