Experimenting and stepping small…

17 Jan

Tried a new screensaver, but it used an extra 5mbs and maxed the cpu … not good for old hardware. So I went back to the old and trusty puppyscreensaver2.pup. This new one seems to fit somewhere between puppyscreensaver and gtk-screensaver.

Removed streamtuner1 and installed streamtuner2 – having trouble getting it to work! Think it needs a working internet; however the unit I’m using to create PuppyTLC the ethernet port is snaffoo’d! Need to move project (temporarily) across to a computer with a working internet connection. Also, this way I can get screenshots of application which exclusively run with an internet connection.

Once this is done I will release (again!) an alpha version for testing.

And, continued screenshots of other applications – so far everything is working ok…..


PS. I need to remind myself that this won’t be a true puplet as it’s main focus will be local (the reconditioned computers) and that it will be installed by people with computer (and Linux) experience; so easy installation is not a consideration – only general ease of use….

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Posted by on January 17, 2011 in TLC CE Linux


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