A little bit more….

15 Jan


The 1st development post for the new year…

  • Removed several Doom-based games as they refused to work – changed the Menu entry to reflect these changes – also new screenshot of the game-chooser for “Getting Started”
  • Changed wbar zoom from 1.5 to 1.2 as the greater zoom was jerky, clunky and slower in response on older machines
  • Installed kmymoney (how did this slip through the cracks???)
  • Added Printing icon to Control Panel (missing)
  • Minor reconfiguration of the Desktop + Wbar to simplify the view – screenshot made of the changes for “Getting Started”
  • Ripoff missing libcddb libraries
  • Screenshots of Ripoff for “Getting Started”

To Do..

  • Remove Streamtuner and add Streamtuner2 to access Shoutcasts
  • Add Sane (scanner utility) to the menu

Is Claws-mail the best email client for this OS?  I have extensive experience with both Thunderbird and Kmail and find them easy to configure and use.  Need to test the usability, ease of use and memory/cpu usage of each of these.  Kmail is unlikely as it’s more confined and integrated to the KDE environment.



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