Self imposed delays

08 Dec


Well this just proves I have a life beyond linux and computers.  This delays has nothing to do with said subjects but was the result of myself having fun and enjoying life.  Basically, the delays have been caused by going to a MUSE concert, and arrival of a new member of the household (kitten Runcibella)  and tomorrow I go and see U2 in concert.  So development has slowed a little bit!

But it hasn’t stopped development.  I have reduced the number of fonts from 600+ to around 100ish.  Most of them will be placed in the extra data file.  After some feedback I also have made the menu more descriptive ( as we are dealing with either novice or straight windows users – or both).  And I’m getting down to the serious job of screenshots for the Help Section (now called ‘Getting Started’).

An unfortunate side-effect but with a positive spin-off is that when I released the alpha version to the Puppy community I think there was an expectation that it was a ‘normal’ puplet.  But this isn’t as it will only be installed by TLC members; who will know what their doing. But on a more positive note I have identified road-blocks for non-linux users.  These will be dealt in Puppy Ultimate.



PS.  Due to the problems with initial testing I may suspend the OS downloads until the next version comes out.

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Posted by on December 8, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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