First fix!

02 Dec


I am an unsophisticated nob!

Well initial testing proved disappointing.  In the last 2 weeks I have only tested the LiveCD on my 512mb lappie.  Previous to that was a AMD K6 400Mhz with 64mbs.  However, I now find that the LiveCD will only boot on 512mbs or more computers.  Burning the midnight  oil made me discover that it is the huge number of fonts; which seems to have to be registered or logged on start-up.   I had only included the fonts in the LiveCD test a couple of weeks back.

There are over 600 fonts and this was a problem.  I have tested and solved this by taking out most of the fonts and placing them in the data-file. Someone did mention that the number of fonts was too much and I must agree so I slimmed it down to around 100 fonts.

At some later point I will have the extra fonts available as a separate download.

Another issue is the installer for the extra-data file.  It doesn’t work as expected – if the download is significantly interrupted, it will move on to the join process which is incomplete.  So I’ve ditched this for this time and have made it a manual download.

Ok! The first try was a failure but you tend to learn quicker if you fail.  As the old saying goes “The most successful people have failed the most”. – Well it give me heart that one day I will get it right.

Anyway, I have tested this fix on my old machine and it works fine; and pfix=ram now flies on machines with less than 256mbs due to those pfix=noram changes I made.  Not sure why at this point….

Hope to have the changes uploaded some time next week.  Thanks for your patience.




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