pre-RC Bug Fix

24 Nov


Bug fix before RC is available.
xmms-1.2.10 overwrote these libs with older versions:
At this point libssl and libcrypto were the critical ones that interferred with claws-mail – as yet testing has not shown further problems – regressed the changes
karbon – missing – libkarbon then became an issue – despite numerous replacements unable to resolve – removed karbon from menu.
Xine replaced as primary video player due to its simple gui – this replaces mPlayer – added additional skins + addition to wbar
resolved gcompris voices issue (assetml-voices-alphabet-en missing) – altered links from FR (which worked fine).
dict not installed
Lincity dropped out of X on exit – tested with Direct Rendering on – no changed – removed

Uploaded split data-file to the Mediafire account – once links have been confirmed and installation proceeds without too many problems then will remaster for an Alpha-RC. The data file downloader only downloads the split files (three of them) in series rather than in parallel as I have found that if the 3rd download completes before the others the join operation occurs regardless of completed downloads. This results in a dodgy file!

Hopefully will be uploading the Alpha-RC iso soon!



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