Remastering Take 1

21 Nov


Remastered PuppyTLC and created data.sfs to be added but having issues with uploading to the MEdiafire account – probably due to the size – my internet connection seems to reset after either a period of time or an amount of uploading.  I have tried to avoid it but I may need to split the files.  I have avoided this option as last Ultimate Edition Release had a flaw with the split files.  Well at least this time there’s only 6 files to split/join – will thoroughly test this before announcing for testers – probably Wednesday at the earliest barring upload errors.

Anyway this is a most likely a good thing as I have completed a level 1 and partial level 2 test on the software and found a few crucial and annoying bugs.  These will be fixed before the next remaster.

Next post will be an outline on the packages that created PuppyTLC; so I can compress and coalesce all the information that’s spread over many pages of notes.




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