17 Nov


Recently I have been talking to the local Salvation Army Crisis Centre.  I was talking about what the Toowoomba Linux Community was planning to do for reconditioned computers – THEY NEED 400+ computers for families in crisis!!! Crikey!

So even though Ultimate has taken a few steps back PuppyTLC is a developmental subset of PuppyUltimate and it’s what I’m focussing on at the moment.  From PuppyTLC it’s a short hope step and jump to PuppyUltimate – so I’m still planning to have an alpha release for Ultimate.


  • Control Centre is roughly completed (even I’m a little impressed)
  • Printing installation appears to work flawless – combined with the HP Toolbox makes for easy printing
  • Updated JWM to version 2 – using Puppy 4.31 themes – so it looks very cool
  • You now have a choice of very cool gtk2+ themes
  • The base iso now has 3 icons – ShutDown; Home and Install Puppy
  • Created extra data sfs as part of installation procedure

So most of the changes have been cosmetic but there are some very practical application changes.

I was uploading stuff to my Mediafire account but has been a comedy of errors.

  • I forgot to plug in my laptop and the battery died after about 2 hrs – upload error
  • While uploading I opened another web browser and the opening page was also my Mediafire account – upload error
  • Damp caused my safety switch to go off killing the connection – upload error

The gremlins don’t want me to finish this!!!  The uploads are large 600mbs+ so maybe this could be the issue.

Anyway hopefully I will have uploaded this so the community (Puppy and Toowoomba Linux) can help test this Distro by the end of the Weekend.




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