Bug fixes + additions

02 Oct


After complete test these issues were resolved:

  • pcmanfm now works from menu
  • tuxtype not working due to missing fonts
  • tuxtype fixed by installing missing font from pet package
  • Corrected Menu spelling errors
  • ksig not working due to addition in menu execute – removed -caption
  • removed ktnef from menu – kmail attachment reader
  • picasa not working – found to be an incompatibility with wine 1.3.2. – regressed to 1.1.43 (now working)
  • k9copy missing – fixed
  • Added Dillo, Pupdial and GkDial to menu
  • Avidemux2 missing libs – libfaac and libarm – corrected
  • JackQtl required reinstallation
  • nted and gmorgan no playback sound – corrected with a launcher for specialised Timidity settings
  • Set path for patterns, etc in gmorgan
  • Akgregator required ktts working (previous not working) test showed that ktts works flite speech synthesis now works
  • kttsmgr added to menu
  • KDE-Moodin required reinstall for KDE splash screens to work properly.
  • E17 script to remove Wbar onstart-up and changed Wallpaper to a spinning 3D Debian symbol
  • LXDE not loadin properly – corrected by reinstall.
  • Added descriptors to most menu entries
  • Fixed missing menu icons
  • Manually added 45+ extra campaigns to Wesnoth
  • Changed the ardour launching script to ulimit -l 128


  • XMMS VU Meter is missing (reinstall does not change it)

Menu changes were only completed for JWM – hasn’t been done for IceWM.

Script to regress Wine may be an important Utility.  Continuing to create *.desktop launcher entries.

To Do:

  • Graphics Card installer Script
  • Wine Regression script
  • for Dillo – html Installation guide
  • Complete *.desktop entries
  • Remove unused .desktop entries
  • Upload Wine packages to Mediafire
  • Online testing
  • Upgrade to Flash 10.1???
  • Script for port forwarding VNC Server
  • Login security script
  • Complete level I & II testing
  • Special LiveDVD desktop
  • Create sfs patch

That’s about it for now – still plenty of work to do.




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