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been a long time since I tested the document conversion with txt2speech – using the abiword engine  – didn’t work.  Reinstall worked.  The question remains … what installed package in the last 3 mths caused this error?  Perhaps if the next full lvl 1 test may indicate this.

gtk-recordmydesktop does not work and I’ll be damned if I can find the culprit – level one testing shows it starts fine but refuses to record (level two).  I even made a quick “from-scratch” version of Ultimate (missing a lot of stuff though) to find if this prog stops works …. must be one of those many additions I added later.

Wink and xvidcap works fine – these are acceptable alternatives.  Will keep  gtk-recordmydesktop installed as I may find the culprit.  NB: Terminal shows no problems…

Time will tell.



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Upgrades and Fixes


Time has moved on and so some programmes have been upgraded…

  • Firefox 3.6 to firefox 3.6.10
  • Thunderbird 3.0 to Thunderbird 3.1.4

Discovered a dependency conflict between qjackctl and HP Device Mgr. Upgraded qjackctl solved this issue…

  • Jack_Audio_Kit_0.116.1
  • qjackctl-0.3.2

CUPS and hpoid daemons were running even before connecting any printers. This is a current waste of resources so these were removed. May need to script install them when connecting/installing printer. No big issue there. Need to test.



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Installation Script and Hv3

Continuing to make the Installation script, however, this is not the real reason for adding a new post. I’m trying to ascertain the viability of Hv3 as an optional web browser for Ultimate Edition.
It’s a little hard to navigate as it clears and resets all settings on start-up – so you cannot keep Bookmarks – and also with limited java support drop-down menus don’t work either. For basic Browsing it seems most adequate and FAST!!! Very fast – page layout is much better than dillo and seems just as fast.
If i’m convinced I’ll make a package that works for Puppy 3.01 (with a Deskto entry) as the available Pet Package errors out.

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Specialised Scripts


Just completed and tested the Graphics Card installer for ATI and Nvidia Drivers. Appears to work fine. Similar to Newyearpup, the packages are in the file system. The script also has an active help function to ensure that their computers Video Card is supported by these packages.

Why not have this as a download?

This Operating System in some circumstances will be a stand-alone system with limited or no internet (kids computers, needy families, remote locality). Being able to install these drivers without an internet connection will be a terrific advantage for some.

I have also written a script to regress or progress Wine. Most Linux users know that some Windows applications work superbly on some versions of Wine, and yet other it’ll error out. So this will allow a little wiggle room to find the correct version of Wine. Internet connection is essential as this is a download, as reference to WineHQ is important to find the best version. To date I haven’t activated the help function for this. Version 1.1.43 is installed and it seems a generally good and stable version for most Windows application (eg: Office 2003).  NOTE: MD5 Sum is checked and verified.

This all would have been done sooner, if I could write scripts – lots of hit and miss.




Bug fixes + additions


After complete test these issues were resolved:

  • pcmanfm now works from menu
  • tuxtype not working due to missing fonts
  • tuxtype fixed by installing missing font from pet package
  • Corrected Menu spelling errors
  • ksig not working due to addition in menu execute – removed -caption
  • removed ktnef from menu – kmail attachment reader
  • picasa not working – found to be an incompatibility with wine 1.3.2. – regressed to 1.1.43 (now working)
  • k9copy missing – fixed
  • Added Dillo, Pupdial and GkDial to menu
  • Avidemux2 missing libs – libfaac and libarm – corrected
  • JackQtl required reinstallation
  • nted and gmorgan no playback sound – corrected with a launcher for specialised Timidity settings
  • Set path for patterns, etc in gmorgan
  • Akgregator required ktts working (previous not working) test showed that ktts works flite speech synthesis now works
  • kttsmgr added to menu
  • KDE-Moodin required reinstall for KDE splash screens to work properly.
  • E17 script to remove Wbar onstart-up and changed Wallpaper to a spinning 3D Debian symbol
  • LXDE not loadin properly – corrected by reinstall.
  • Added descriptors to most menu entries
  • Fixed missing menu icons
  • Manually added 45+ extra campaigns to Wesnoth
  • Changed the ardour launching script to ulimit -l 128


  • XMMS VU Meter is missing (reinstall does not change it)

Menu changes were only completed for JWM – hasn’t been done for IceWM.

Script to regress Wine may be an important Utility.  Continuing to create *.desktop launcher entries.

To Do:

  • Graphics Card installer Script
  • Wine Regression script
  • for Dillo – html Installation guide
  • Complete *.desktop entries
  • Remove unused .desktop entries
  • Upload Wine packages to Mediafire
  • Online testing
  • Upgrade to Flash 10.1???
  • Script for port forwarding VNC Server
  • Login security script
  • Complete level I & II testing
  • Special LiveDVD desktop
  • Create sfs patch

That’s about it for now – still plenty of work to do.