27 Sep


been busy with a plethora of projects. However, work has continued.

For now testing continues … I was concerned that Abiword was taking a little too long to get going – but the slow-down occurred after I put the additional fonts in and linked the to /root/.fonts. Having a look at Abiword it now has over 600 fonts to choose from. For an extra few seconds I think that’s worth it – also it will most likely be faster on a full HD installation as well.

Looked at Geany text editior and it now has multilingual and multi-programming language support. It too takes an extra second or two to get going as well.

I realise there will be a very large patch after installation due to the constraints of the 2gb iso during remastering. But as this will be much faster than any other “Ultimate” OS I think that conpromise is worthwhile.

Am testing a single icon LiveCD desktop (aka Ubuntu) with only an install icon. This will change after the patch has been installed. This icon will open up a Gtk Script window for the installation – installation will be accompanied by a Dillo based Guide – open at the same time. Ubuntu’s install is only 7 steps – however, Puppy’s is over 20 steps – a guide is definitely needed.

Apologies for the tardiness of these updates – I only do them when time allows.



NOTE: Xfce interferred with Audio management and dependencies to a stage where I had to regress it out as the issues were too difficult to overcome.  When the User first looks at Enlightenment they will be greeted by a beautiful 3D animated wallpaper – it looks stunning!

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