Another update

06 Sep


Well progress has occurred despite a lack of online documentation.  Latest stuff includes:

  • Improved Control Panel
  • Plethora of LADSPA plugins (301 fx plugins for audacity) – taken from ArtistX
  • Increased fonts (again taken from ArtistX)
  • Webcam now works – actually made a vidcast that works! Wow I’m pretty ugly! lol
  • Updated Mplayer (works better but needs online testing as i’ve installed the mplayerplugins)
  • Installed LXDE; Xfce; and e17 Desktop Environments (so far e17 is the best performer) – but require updating of .desktop entries
  • HP Manager now works – created new Python set in /usr/lib
  • Added some more games and RSSOwl and Azereus Web Browser (if I can find Midori will put that in as well
  • Started Basic Help Menu (SimplyPuppy version)
  • LXDE update pcmanfm – required in create a gtkrc-2.0 file to tell it what icon set to use

Current: testing programmes to Level One (and correct errors)

Level One testing = The programme Operates without major dependency errors

Level two testing = standard everyday operation of programme

Leve Three testing = advanced user testing


  • Increase icon set to choose from
  • Continue Help menu
  • Test printing til it breaks
  • Online testing
  • reduce iso to >700mbs – and create a sfs installation script
  • Script to change Pinboard and menu to simplify choices for users
  • add Xfce to Desktop Changer Script
  • E17 – changes to wbar

I’m sure i’ve forgotten other things that I’ve done but progress is steady and testing has been encouraging!!  Will install this on a couple of $50 laptops so other locals (actually friends) who have expressed interest can help with the project.  And that will be a good crucible to see if it will work on low spec lappies.



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