Progress and epiphanies

16 Aug


Currently doing my 5x18hr work shifts for the fortnight – during this time progress does slow up. However, I have continued to make in-roads with the Control Panel.  Screensaver chooser proved to be stubborn as both PuppyBasicScreensaver and Gtk-Basic-Sceensaver both use the same daemon; and the daemon is set by the first screensaver that was used.  A simple change in launching changed the rsaver config directory.  Unfortunately, due to my lack of tech-head knowledge this was not initially apparent when launched through terminal (no errors!).  Oh, sometimes I wish I was a geek.

Remastering only allows a max of 2gbs iso – so as Baldric (Black Adder) would say “My lord I have a cunning plan.”.  Well my cunning plan is to have a two part install – the standard Puppy Installer to the selected Partition and a second one after rebooting has occurred.  This second one would install a cached sfs file with the remaining data that would allow all applications to work.  A squashfile of non-essential data would allow me to remaster the entire OS without any programmes being removed.  Initial tests have been encouraging.

Well there you have it! – I estimate that I have approximately 30 days of development left on this project before releasing an Alpha version.




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