1st remaster completed

11 Aug


I have completed the 1st remaster of Puppy Ultimate and sucessfully installed it onto another computer (my main laptop).

Issues: Hotpup was not active – may disable hotpup and allow activation via Control Panel.  This Hotpup has been modified to use the xscreensize programme so maybe a change in the resolution has played havoc with the settings – it was easily fixed by a reinstallation.  When I have time I may look into why it did this.

Next script will be downloading and installing the extra sfs (with updated menus)as I had to reduce the iso to under 2gbs.  But for release will remove the extraneous programmes from the menu and put an installer in the Control Panel.  This way the release looks like a complete OS; and if MU can have sfs extra files so can I .  Must also remember to make a screensaver chooser script.  Scripts for both Wbar and Conky work fine.  Graphics card installer scipt as well – need to get a list of what cards work with what drivers (this info will pop-up as an offline webpage in Dillo when the Help button is pressed).

Control Panel may find itself on the Desktop/Pinboard at this rate.

Online testing will begin today as the Laptop I was working on does not have Wireless capabilities.  Also may change majority of alterations and testing onto my main as no extra programmes will be installed.

Xampp will be added to the sfs but testing of the LAMPP server will have to wait – installed but inactive – need to fiddle with running mysql as root.  I suspect my previous failures may have been from the computer I was using (and perhaps being offline).

Outline for the Help Menu:

General Help will be fairly basic with a picture of the operational programme; a description and links to further info.  This will be accessible through a Pinboard icon.  It will open a browser (firepup) and will have a CSS layout.  Planning to include the Licences.

Programme specific help will be actived by a Help button in the Control Panel – eg: partitioning – step by step guide on how to use gparted – these will be opened through dillo and have a basic layout.

What may be a possibility is to reduce and modify Ultimate so it can be installed as a CD for the Toowoomba Linux Community OS – I know what can be taken out and not affect the operations – this way if they require additional programmes they will be able to access them – also I may be able resurrect my Software Installer project.

My 5 days of 18hr shift work starts tomorrow so hopefully the Help Menus will be started by next week.



PS: I had no idea anyone would follow my ridiculous project…


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