Slow and Steady

06 Aug

Continuing to develop Puppy Ultimate – already at this stage I have (surprisingly) impressed several people.

Additions include:

  • Updated IceWM menus
  • Designed “the look” of the KDE desktop
  • added the Doom games engine plus 21 based “lo rez” fps games + globulation
  • Desktop Environment Chooser/Launcher
  • Updated Wine to 1.1.43 + added WineTools + Wine-Doors (which amazingly works)
  • added to allow MuseScore to work
  • Firefox 3.6 and Thunderbird 3.0 and Seamoney 2
  • Added Xampp (latest version) which partially works – and will remain dormant until I can get MYSQL to work as root (solutions found on forums atm don’t work).
  • On-going testing shows that most things work (changed some menu entries and added some launchers for programmes to work from the menu).
  • Rawstudio works but does not display pictures – may need to scrap rawstudio – no errors displaying when run from terminal
  • TightVNC easy server set-up and viewer and been installed.

ATM I can’t think of other developments that has occurred. As yet no on-line testing has occured but this will be addressed.

This to be addressed:

  • Online testing
  • Completion of Control Panel and its associated launchers and Dillo based Guides
  • Graphics Card driver installer
  • Basic programme overview Help guide
  • test to see if an updated version of audacity works
  • gfx-boot installer script for a pretty grub
  • Launchers for a couple of the Audio programmes
  • script to insert a port open in the firewall for VNC.

There’s significantly more than this to do but the Control Panel will be the major task to complete.




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