Development Continues

06 Jul


Creating scripts for starting Audio Professional Software – for Timidity and JACK.  Amsynth remaining.

Created Script to change WM or DE – with the choice of IceWM, JWM or KDE.

All menu entries have been modified in .jwmrc.

Will add Privoxy and Tor and probably Teamviewer if available.

Beginning to modify IceWM menu – will be more complete and complex in keeping with a more sophisticated Windows Manager.

Still haven’t tackled Printing yet.

Combining admin and control panel scripts into a single Control Panel Script; with an additional scripts to turn off Direct Rendering.

Need to write script for changing Screensaver and to add security login by modifying /etc/inittab.

Moving foreward – albeit slowly – who knows when this will be ok to release – but then again I am making it for myself so a release date is unnecessary.

To Do:

Ardour needs ulimit -l modification.

Secure Firepup startup through spot.




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