Many false starts

02 Jul


Well I’m back to it again – I want a distro that I basically use myself.  I had not documented a number of issues that had cropped up previously so a large number of false starts occurred.

Slowly getting the job done; have upgraded a few programmes – Thunderbird 3.0 and Firefox 3.6.  This time I have include Spicebird as it now seems to work fine; also added is Genaelogy and Jcash.  The KDE side is being beautified as this is the Desktop Environment that I mainly work from.

Testing continues and a number of extra programmes need to be installed:

  • Wine
  • Qcad
  • Video Editing/Authoring programmes
  • and a few games

I need to add tightvnc (client and server) to the menu.

Sometimes I feel like the Top Gear team – “Ambitious but rubbish!” or “How hard can it be?”.

I guess now I’m doing more for personal reasons – and if I do create a Release Candidate, only then will I be announcing it.  After testing the download – which didn’t work last time.

So currently I would say conservatively that I’ve probably gone over the half-way point.




Software installer


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