12 May


Uploading something of this size takes a fair bit of patience – using the split command it’s been reduced to 10 x 200mbs chunks.  I’ve also made a join script to make life a little easier.  Each 200mbs takes 2-3 hrs of uptime – which is 20-30 hours!

Need to also upload ATI and Nvidia drivers for kernel so people can download and install for the 3D accelerated games.

Bit dubious about whether Tremulous is a worthwhile inclusion as it hasn’t been tested on a live server; and it’s 100mbs in size.  Seems a bit forward of me to put it in – oh well! Any chinks in the armour will be quickly identified.

As this process is taking soooo long I won’t be uploading the next RC until development has significantly improved it – probably around a month.

I honestly hope this does not take off as it goes against the grain of the Puppy ethos – which is smaller is better; anyway my 800gbs of accumulated bandwidth may disappear!  Despite this I will continue to improve said Puplet as it is rather like a hobby.  Of course once I feel that I have come to the end of the development road I will go to a newer version of Puppy and start the whole process again.

Next stage is the announcement – probably tomorrow.




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