A few more games – plus alpha release

11 May


to round out the games (and I had left out a number of brilliant ones) I have added these games with their associated menu entries:

  • Mahjonng3D
  • Holotz-Castle
  • SuperMarioWar
  • Escape
  • Frogger
  • Patolli
  • Picpuz
  • Dreamchess
  • kraptor
  • DeadlyCobra
  • No Gravity – this is an amazing viz-fx game!
  • xshisen
  • AlephOne
  • Blob and Conquer

Games tested and left out Varkon (confusing) globulation (has only one campaign); offender (not working); megamario (stalls system); linball (just didn’t like the feel); freeciv (error when trying to run as spot).

I need to look at Bzflag – last time I used it it worked but wouldn’t connect me online to play!
I have remastered for Puppy-Ultimate-Edition v0.17 – 1992MBs. Updated the Boot.msg and split it into 200mbs files. Have created a join script to piece it back together. Now I’ll upload to my Mediafire account, then post onto the Puppy forum.




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