2 steps forward…

09 May


It’s been a while since the last entry but it’s been very hectic at work – time to write development notes is a luxury. Development continues at a steady pace….

As this is expected to happen I’ve had the dependency shuffle blues. When testing the functioning of programmes after the latest installs I found that Nicotine refuse to work. Process of elimination showed that Tkeca-sound programme was the culprit. This is ok as this programme’s function is duplicated in other programmes (it’s main advantage is that it uses much less resources – will look at a later time).

Rosegarden needed to be installed piece-meal as it interferes with many other programmes.

Other programmes installed:

  • VLC – piece-meal
  • epiar + Menu entry
  • Enigma _ menu entry
  • Lincity + menu entry
  • Wine 1.1.43 (trouble installing gecko)
  • Rawstudio (added new sub-menu Photographic Production)
  • Avidemux (added new sub-menu Video Production)
  • ManDVD + menu entry
  • ManDVD required fonts for mplayer – added
  • mixxx – cool graphic DJ desk
  • Realplayer-11 – can be handy for some formats
  • jajuk (gui jukebox song management)
  • atunes + javadoc dependency (itunesesque)
  • dvdrip + megapack (yet to be fully tested)
  • Songbird (dependencies already installed but needs to be tested online)

I’ve added administration programmes into the Menu as this is not for beginners.

During randow testing I’ve found an issue with MuppyWebcam (perhaps it’s because I don;t have a webcam plugged in) – mplayer stalls the system like it did when starting from the menu. Also, HP toolbox isn’t working either (no HP printer had been installed via CUPS – possibility). The number of programmes installed has slowed down due to the increasing chance of dependencies being over-written. When this occurs I need to go back to tha last working pup_save and re-install those programmes. As a result, many installations need to be complete by-hand.

Next stage is to install some of the cool and essential games into this distro (would like around 75+ games if possible). After installing 15-20 extra games will finally do a remaster – which will most likely be number 0.16 – that’s the number of re-saves that’s been done.

pup-save.2fs is now over 4gigs and can’t be saved on my external (fat32) – saving in my main partition now.




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